The story of a couple photographers

Where to begin our photography story… Maggie (not to be confused with Megan or Margaret) started this whole thing, but the original plan did not include taking pictures of people. You see, Maggie is an animal lover, but lived in an apartment in the city and couldn’t have a dog of her own. Her solution was to convince other people to let her spend time with their pets by taking photos of them. As time passed, she suddenly found that those pesky human legs in the background were attached to some pretty incredible people who were even more fun to capture moments of.

Accompanying Maggie at her early photoshoots was Jeff, the human mule/step ladder. Carrying all the gear and lifting Maggie where necessary so that she could get high enough for all the best angles, Jeff yearned for more responsibility. Under the careful tutelage of Maggie and our friend/mentor/saviour Mary Straus, Jeff slowly learned the craft.

We both have careers outside photography that we truly enjoy, but love the opportunities that photography has given us to work with amazing people, explore our artistic sides, and document incredible moments in people's lives.

We recently increased our Wolfepack to 4... because you know what they say; 3 is a crowd. These little sleep terrorists have truly cemented our belief that images of our loved ones are some of our most precious belongings. There is nothing quite like the gummy smile of a 5 month old to make you want to slow down time and live in that moment forever. We also welcomed Blue (1/3 retriever, 1/3 Aussie, 1/3 rascal) into our family this year because nobody is going to show us up in the game of "bad ideas".

Life moves fast and sometimes it's hard to remember all the details of the special moments along our journey. We are humbled and honoured to capture those special moments for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn a little about us - we would love the opportunity to return the favour! & special thanks to Zakoor Photography for our lovely family photo!

Jeff & Maggie Wolfe